Kono polyrhythm…

(Beware: Perfume fan post)

Perfume展 タワレコ後編 Love The World ジャケット衣装

Life triggers: What are yours? Are they coming to your country? Does your heart pound whenever A-chan cries? Does that new dance make your skin shiver?

Your special feelings are not useless in this changing world.

How is my life perceived through a LED screen?

Will our actions will still be validated?

Are you still with me?

Chu – chu – chu?


No, I’m not in love with #perfume

Tell us about your first Perfume experience

A dear friend of mine in México shared Capsule’s “Eternity” and “I’m feeling you” with me, urging me to listen to them. I couldn’t stop playing those two songs that year (and the following ones XD)

I was obsessed. I had to find more from this music producer.
You know Yasutaka Nakata produces Capsule, perfume, Colthemonika, Kyary, among other acts.

Yasutaka Nakata

Then I found perfume, downloaded “Complete Best ’07”
Kinda fast-forwarded the songs.
I hated them.

Their sound was so girlish, high-pitched, unconventionally matched with synthy annoying voices and catchy girly rhymes….

About to finish the album, I left the song “Perfume” playing in the background as I was attending other stuff.

I… fell in love.

Perfume展 タワレコ後編 Perfume 3rd Tour JPN 衣装

Was this Christmas? There was this comedic sense to their rhymes, surprising electronic sounds, bells… and they sounded like barbie robots on crack!

I have been following Perfume (and everything Nakata does) ever since.
Just like you, my dear perfume reader, I have loved some albums more than others, and been surprised how sounds I dislike are other

Whenever I listen to Pefume, there’s this wave of motivation and urgency to produce and move on in life. Leave bad experiences in the past, improve to a better version of myself and share this feeling with others.

How does perfume feel like to you?

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